Time To Feel Healthy and Energized

Philip Stein Teslar WatchThe Phillip Stein Teslar Watch is not just a standard timepiece. It is not just a watch with two dials, although that does give you an easy way to keep track of a different time zone. The Teslar Watch can actually make you feel better! Originally invented in 1987 and named in honor of the iconic Nikolai Tesla, the Teslar is designed to strengthen the wearer’s electromagnetic field and help the body resist effects of electronic pollution from cell phones, computers, and other devices. This watch can result in reduced stress, better sleep, increased energy.

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Tentacle-based power and protection

PowerSquid Surge Protector Keep your computers and electrical devices secure in style! The PowerSquid by Flexity is a flexible stylish solution to your power problems. The curvilinear design adds a modern sleek face to a normally overlooked part of the office landscape. Features a 360-degree rotating head that allows it to plug into the most narrow areas.

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After a few months off working on other projects, we are happy to report that Cool Biz Gear will be getting back to regular postings starting in a couple weeks. This project has been too fun to let it sit for so long. We have a whole list of brand new toys, gadgets and work productivity tools ready to send out to you, the masses.

Check back in mid-April for new posts. See you then!

Portable Caffeine Making for Coffee Snobs

Aerobie AeroPress CoffeemakerAt our office, coffee is looked upon as something that takes perfectly good water and then you run it through a bunch of gritty dirt. Ick! However, we’ll gladly consume some chai tea on occasion, and pretty much all pop tastes better than the “sludge” if you’re in need of some caffeine. At the same time, we recognize some of our readers are really into coffee and we salute you with this article for the AeroPress Coffeemaker made by venerable Aerobie.

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These Things Are Made for Walking and That’s Just What You’ll Do

Omron HJ-112 Digital Premium PedometerAs we start to gear up for the holidays, our stomachs are going to be getting some of the biggest workouts of the year. Turkeys, hams, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, pie, cookies, etc., New Year’s resolutions can’t come soon enough! Well, why not get started early on working off those pounds as they come in? Basic science says that if you expend more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. If you’re into running or just walking for exercise, the HJ-112 Digital Pedometer by Omron is exactly what you need to count those calories you’re burning.

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The Swiss Army Knife for Globe-Trotting High-Tech Execs

i-mate K-JAM PDA PhoneAs multi-purpose devices continue to become more prevalent in our world, we’ll occasionally update you on some of the hotter items available. Today’s post is such a case, with the i-mate K-JAM mobile phone/Pocket PC/web cam/Skype receiver. This multi-faceted jewel is ideal for the ultimate in multi-tasking. It’s so multi-functional it has 3 different names!

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Palm-sized Picture Perfectness

Sanyo HD1A Digital Media Camera Like most people, you likely have the urge to record high-definition video onto an SD memory card. Finally, there’s a video camera that helps fill that void. The Sanyo HD1A Digital Camera is the first of its kind to provide ultra-portable recording capabilities in HD.

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This Isn’t Your Grandpa’s Fax Machine

HP 9200C Digital Sender Despite being in the “digital age,” there is still a whole lot of paper being passed around the office. Whether it’s not appropriate, not convenient or just plain laziness, a barrier seems to exist for a lot of companies in converting from paper to electronic documents. Hewlett-Packard came up with the 9200c Digital Sender to get rid of all those excuses.

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You’ll Wanna Watch This One

Tissot High-T watchRemember that real nerdy friend in high school or college who had to show everyone his fancy calculator watch? C’mon, admit it. You were jealous! Okay, maybe not. Those things were pretty dorky. Now you can be the one to join the “arms race” to get the techiest watch on the market. Simple arithmetic has nothing on the Tissot High-T watch with MSN Direct access. Not only can you be plugged into Gates’ matrix getting the latest weather, sports, news on your wrist no matter where you are, this watch is just plain cool.

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A Booster Seat to Drop the Heat

In case you didn’t know already, heat is the #1 nemesis for computers. All those fragile components crunching away on data and graphics really get the temperature rising. (Wouldn’t you be really warm after doing a few hundred million math problems?!) The heat issue is only magnified for laptops. All the extra space for ventilation is removed, fans are smaller, everything is shrunk! Powerlift Laptop Stand To top (or bottom, as it may be) it off, the only place to get a decent size fan running on a laptop is on its underside. That way, all the hot air inside computer can be blown out… onto the table or desk a few millimeters away. Sounds useful, doesn’t it? Well, the Powerlift Laptop Stand offers a way to get some additional heat-dissipating distance for your laptop.

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